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Does God hate homosexuals?

There is much confusion and inaccuracy in how people think about this question. God does not hate homosexuals but rather loves each of us. Many so-called Christians have failed to show love around this issue and become more known for what they think about this issue than what Jesus taught. The unfortunate result is that many people with same sex attractions have been deeply hurt and driven away from family, community and their faith by those that claim to follow God.

Homosexuality is a very real, emotional and personal issue. Whether we believe we are born with this desire or come to it naturally is not the issue. The world is broken and all of us are born into sin. The real question is whether these desires and attractions are from God and what he wants us to do with those.

Since the first sin, man has tried to justify or explain away the things we do that go directly against God’s word. In this case, despite how we try to interpret, twist or discredit God’s word, it is clear that any sex (gay or straight) outside the marriage of a man and woman is sinful. The godly response is not to bury our heads in the sand and pretend the desire doesn’t exist but rather seek God’s strength to act in a manner that shows our love for him.

The real good news is that, whatever our actions have been, God loves each of us and offers us forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ. Let there be no doubt that God loves you and wants to be in your life. That choice is yours and is open to each of us. Rest in God’s love and find the strength to live for him. Don’t let the loud voices of condemnation convince you otherwise.

Believing God loves homosexuals is a big question and we would love to discuss it with you.