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Does God care about me?

God does care about you and loves you. That can be hard to believe in those times when we feel alone. Other times we may acknowledge God but feel like he is very difficult to connect with and far away.

This becomes even more difficult when life is filled with pain and heartache. God seems either distant or unloving and we can’t understand why he does not step in and make things better. Of course, this view assumes he isn’t helping. We typically fail to think that it may be even worse without him or that something even bigger than our current challenges may be happening. The simple reality is we live in a broken world that has been fractured by sin. This is complicated by the fact that God honors our free will and he may feel more distant because we choose to work things out on our own instead of turning it all over to him.

The thing we need to focus on is that God’s attitude towards us is one of unconditional love. He created us for relationship with him. Christ has died for our sins and offers complete forgiveness. His Holy Word is not meant to burden us with rules but rather to teach us what is good for us, show us how we can be at our best and bring us closer to Him.

God’s knows each of us at the most intimate level and has an eternal perspective. He works in ways we often don’t realize or understand. The question is whether we will trust in that or whether we will decide to do it alone.

His promise is that if we draw near to him, he will come closer to us. He does not promise that only good will happen or life will be free of pain. There are times he will not jump into our situation the way we want but he is there. His promise is to be with us and help us through our troubles. His promise for eternity is much bigger and includes perfect love with no pain, tears or suffering. You can experience that and come to see that not only does God care, but that he loves you no matter what you have done.

Whether God cares or loves you is a big question and we would love to talk with you about it.